About Kisses and Kinks

Kinksandkisses handcuffed woman with a mesh top over her breasts. Her nipples are showing through the mesh.

Kisses and Kinks has been my hobby for years now. I am recently in the process of migrating my old page to this new, stand alone platform so please bear with me while I get this site up and running.

The main premise of what I enjoy writing about is to try and dispel the notion that BDSM is a harsh and unloving practice that involves pain and torture. Like all things, there are so many different aspects of BDSM that it is impossible to generalize what BDSM actually means. How I practice is likely very different from how you practice. The beauty emerges when we can find common ground and share the things that we enjoy doing together.

The first time my partner hit me on my bottom hard enough to leave a deep, purple bruise, he broke down. His life vision for himself did not include hitting woman and certainly didn’t include getting off from hitting women. What we have come to understand together is that we are not in an unloving and cold D/s relationship. We are indulging in each other’s fetishes and fulfilling each other’s fantasies. If we think of our somewhat unconventional relationship in terms of our love and desire enabling us to explore things that we may have never dreamed could be a turn on, what we are left with is Kinks and Kisses.

Thanks for stopping by.