I Finally Get to Orgasm In Public with the We-Vibe

So My Sir was Training Me Apparently. I’m Okay with this!

If you’ve been following along, in my last post I talked about how I was terrified and anxious to try a remote controlled vibrator (namely, the We Vibe Sync) in public. This was compounded by the problem that I’m in a D/s relationship with my partner.

Basically, he (Sir) gets to tell me what to do.

Luckily, he’s an awesome Dom and a wonderfully understanding person because he addressed my fears and created this neat little training program for me that I assume is based in “exposure therapy” or something like that. His normal day-to-day sexy “tasks” for me were getting more and more centered around wearing the We Vibe in public places and being more sexual in completely safe places. I didn’t even realize what he was doing.

After a few weeks, I was getting extremely comfortable with the We-Vibe, being in semi private places and touching myself,  and generally having a dirty secret whenever we went out together.

I was not having any orgasms out of the bedroom, however. I was not permitted to do that.

So when Sir came home on a Friday evening and said that we were going to a club and I was to wear my We-Vibe, I honestly didn’t think much of it. I was never allowed to have an orgasm while we were out with the toy, there was nothing to stress out about. Right?

Let’s take an interlude here before we get into the meat and potatoes of the story and talk about how the We-Vibe works.

The We-Vibe Sync

Picture of WeVibe sync showing the remote control, the docking station for charging, and the app
While it’s not cheap, the We-Vibe Sync is simply amazing for discreet wear! You can check out more reviews and pricing at Adam&Eve.

The We-Vibe Sync is a silicone couple’s vibrator that is meant to be worn by the woman during sexual intercourse. There  are two arms that make a U-shaped device. There are vibrators on the ends of both arms; one for the clitoris and one for the G-spot.

The  beauty of the We Vibe Sync is that the arms are fully adjustable so that you can “clamp” it tighter or looser, depending on your anatomy.

Honestly, as a toy for intercourse, Sir and I really aren’t a huge fan. He doesn’t like vibrations on his penis while we are having sex because he finds it too stimulating. I find his penis girthy enough and so I think that it feels like things are slightly squished inside my vagina with both the We Vibe and his penis inside.

How this toy excels is as a remote controlled vibrator for wearing in public.

You can control this toy in two different ways. There is a remote control that has a short range of 3 meters. This is perfect for the bedroom setting.

The we-connect app is where this product really shines. You can control the We-Vibe from anywhere in the world through Wifi. I had no idea when I was wearing it on my exploratory missions out in public that Sir could have turned it on with just the touch of a button!

It’s responsive and you have quite a few options for intensity and vibration patterns. You can even pulse to the sounds of music. That gets interesting. The motors are surprisingly strong considering that the toy is fairly small. I generally don’t have a problem reaching orgasm with this toy alone. We had used it several times while watching movies and Sir would randomly turn it on for me.

My First Time with the We-Vibe in Public

Busy bar is the perfect place for a nice intimate orgasm

Anyways, I like the We-Vibe. Back to the story.

We really are set up for the perfect storm here. I have a toy that I know can get me off. I’m fairly comfortable wearing it anywhere. I don’t have that fear that Sir is going to make me “perform” in public and that someone might notice. I guess you could say I was conditioned.

If you are ever nervous about trying a discreet sex toy in public, choose a place that is:

  • Loud – your sex toy buzz might be considerably louder outside of your bedroom than you realize.
  • Dim – you’re going to be doing a fair bit of squirming and face scrunching. Best not done in broad daylight.
  • Busy – when there are lots of people doing lots of different things, no one is really concerned with you.
  • Drunk – this isn’t a necessity, but when others are drunk at a bar or club, they’re less likely to notice small details. I would advise against getting drunk yourself before engaging in public vibrator play because drunk people are never as sneaky as they think they are.

Our venue for the night was exactly all of these things. A cozy martini bar that had a small dance floor for the weekends. Located along a popular downtown street, it was always packed on the weekends.

Getting Warmer

Sir and I settled in with a drink and some appetizers in a tiny corner booth for two. We were lucky to even get a table.

As per the usual lately, he re-affirmed that I still had the We Vibe inserted and then he asked me to go into the Ladies Room for a few minutes and turn it on. I was so used to this, in fact, that my purse had a special slot for the remote control.

I was getting so used to this, as a matter of fact, that this was now just teasing. It wasn’t a task, it was foreplay. I assumed was going to be an adventurous night in bed when we got home.

The bathroom wasn’t crowded in the least, but the music from the bar was still streaming in. Luckily, it was very clean and nice smelling and it didn’t make use of the metal stall format and, instead, was composed of drywalled in little “rooms” with a toilet inside.

I locked myself in, leaned up against the wall, closed my eyes, and turned on the We-Vibe.

While leaning up against the wall, I started to think about how far I had progressed and how enjoyable it was to be able to feel pleasure at my own convenience. No longer was I bound to only having sexual stimulation in my home. In a way, it was freeing. I could take sexual gratification whenever I wanted.

I felt like I was really having a moment of realization. That came crashing down with a text message from Sir:

“You’re done. Come back now.”

The Big Climax

When I got back to the table, Sir had a gleam in his eye.

In retrospect, all was perfect. The bar was beginning to get busy and the waiters had ended service. Nobody was really paying attention to us.

Sir was grinning at me. “What are you planning?” I asked, with a bit of trepidation.

“You’ve done such a good job of warming yourself up. It’s time now. I’d like to see you finish what you started in the bathroom. Right here and right now.”

He sat back and didn’t wait for an answer. His phone was already out and the app was opening. I knew I had only a few seconds before that buzz would begin in my nether regions. I opened my mouth to challenge him and then closed it again. In the microseconds that I had before this was happening, there was acceptance, desire to please him, excitement in trying something new, and anticipation to finally get to cum because it had been so long. This was actually going to happen and I was actually alright with it!

He was right, really; after warming up in the bathroom, I wasn’t sure how long I would be able to last with the WeVibe before having an orgasm.

We scooted together close in the corner of the booth and he remotely turned on the We-Vibe. Gently at first. He rubbed my back, played with my neck, drew circles on my thighs and basically just let the toy do it’s thing.

There wasn’t a big scene, there were no heads turned, and it didn’t seem dangerous or scary at all to me.

I closed my eyes, and felt his light touches on my limbs and the rumbly vibrations between my legs and suddenly just let go.

There was no bucking or screaming. I squeezed my legs tight and started to breathe heavily and buried my face into his chest and had an orgasm that could rival any other.

Moving Past My Fears

After all of my conditioning, I finally truly believed that I wasn’t going to get caught and accidentally expose myself to some poor schmuck. Of course I didn’t. I had a nice and private (as can be in a busy bar) orgasm that nobody knew about other than myself and my partner.

Sir packed me up after I came and we spent the rest of the evening in bed having slow and reassuring sex. He was so proud of me for experiencing something that I honestly thought I would never do. I’m pretty sure that he was proud of himself for his patience and training to get me there too!

The funny thing with Sir is that seeing me have an orgasm in public isn’t really his fetish. Of course he always likes seeing me cum and making me feel good, but this was moreso just an experiment for him. A lesson in how far he could take me with the proper guidance. I’m completely ok with this.

Since the first time, my We-Vibe has seen the inside of my vagina in movie theaters, hockey games, carnivals, and many more places. The idea of orgasms in pubic isn’t what turns me on here, it’s the freedom to cum whenever and where ever I want.

I’m still careful about getting caught and I don’t take risks ever but that heart pounding fear is completely gone thanks to a patient and kind partner.

If you’re interested in getting yourself a WeVibe Sync to try exactly what I’ve been doing, I recommend purchasing from Adam&Eve opposed to Amazon. Knockoff sex toys run rampant on Amazon and so it can be extremely hard to ensure that you’re getting the original, high quality toy.picture of the wevibe sync in purple







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